1 -2 .Story Reading – Mother tongue and English
3-4.Voicing cartoons – Mother tongue and English
5. Story Telling
6. Speaking on stage


1-2 picture and writing Mother tongue and English
3-4 Mapping
5. Story writing
6. Handwritten magazine


1. Mono acting
2. Drama with toys
3-6 Theater performance

1-6 crafts or any creatives

Life Skills Program

Our Program is the investment you can give your aspiring children in 10th,11th and 12th standards.Our idea is to utilise student’s time and to train them with values and skills.It will increase your children’s performance.Our core is to synergizing values and skills.

World Health Organisation –WHO says (WHO/MNH/MHP/99.2)

  • Demands of modern life, poor parenting, changing family structure, dysfunctional relationships, new
    understanding of young people’s needs, rapid socio-cultural change is the need of LIFE SKILLS
  • Life skills education is designed to facilitate the practice and reinforcement of psychosocial skills in a
    culturally and developmentally appropriate way; it contributes to the promotion of personal and social
    development, the prevention of health and social problems, and the protection of human rights.

24 hours LIFE Skills Program for adolescent Students – (8th standard to 12th Standard)

Understanding the Academic priorities we had designed two levels of program.

Level I

ME – Factor

  • Scaling myself on habits and areas of satisfaction and un-satisfaction
  •  Emotional Self Awareness
     Assertive self test Setting my own goals
  • Making a To Do List

WE –Factor

  • Note on friends 
  • Note of compliments in class 
  • Doing my social Mapping Group
  • Discussions on development
    Public presenting on My thoughts

Adaptability Factor

  •  Reality Testing
  • Journal of actual and planned
  •  Reality status of Goals and responsibilities
  •  Tolerance programming
  • Emotional squares

Level II

  • Perpetration- Presentations
  • Mapping-Mind mapping-Subject mapping-Career mapping
    Scripting – self scripting-SWOT-PERT
    Understanding the Emotional reality of myself
    Valuing relationships