Chief Concept Architect –Vision Skill School

  •  Registered partnership firm since 2006
  • Imparting – soft skill Training for School, College Students and Corporate
  • With a team of 20+ freelance Trainers with various expertise

Founder Chairman –Bodhi Garden School

  • A Pre-School with our own curriculum
  • Completely integrated education pattern integrating our traditional values with present scenario.
  • First of its kind in synergising Tradition, Technology, Science and skills.

Shouldering Other Organisations

With concepts and training

  • TUV Rhineland – Certification Company –Germany 
  • Apple Kids –chain of Pre-Schools across India
  • LPGM – India –US based NGO on child care
  • Centre for Research and Development of community Education, Chennai

On the Government side

  • Entrepreneurial Training for District Industries Centre – Cuddalore and Villupuram
  • Small Saving Department – District of Cuddalore and Villupuram Anna University –De-Stress Counselling for Rural colleges under Anna University

Conceptual designs

  • Simulated program for Management students
  • Integrating motivation and individual counselling for school students
  • Re designing online training for school students
  • Mentoring teaching community


  • Diploma in Child Psychology
  • Neuro Linguistic master practitioner
  • Practising Hypnosis
  • Law of attraction Master practitioner

My Training

“A good Training Program is not preaching-No inspiring stories or quotes. It is listening to the inner voice and vision of them”

  • Communicating/Relationship and its values /Self analysation/Accepting /Reworking
  •  To experience-express views /understand friends’ inner self
  •  Ruling out stage stress –talk it out
  • Team work-team spirit/ Co-ordination/Sequencing /An inner travel/Sharing the comfort/Facing people
  • Emotional sharing/Listening from /Relating /Understanding
  •  Preparation/Presentation/Stage management
  • Lateral thinking –creativity/Dreams to reality
  •  Knowledge to actual/Selling techniques
  • Reasoning/Professionalism –an intro/Working with  holding a team
  •  Evaluating yourself/Identifying /Correcting /Understanding the reality
  •  Working on the real principle/Understanding the situations
  • To share views/to understand others views
  •  To understand Social Etiquettes

Long Walk of 23 Years

School Students

Travelled with almost 1, 50,000+ school students across India and Andaman Nicobar Islands 

  • On Handwriting Development 
  • Mind Mapping /Scripting 
  • Personal Counselling

College Students

Travelled with 50,000 + students includes – Medical Colleges – Engineering – Polytechnic – Teacher Training Colleges

  • Breaking the Myths of Relationships and Education…
  • Self-Analysation programs…
  • Professional Designing – Resume building to Interviews…
  • Derstress Counselling.

With Teachers

Travelled with 20,000+ teaching professionals of schools and colleges

  •    Practicing emotional intelligence
  •    Mastering teaching skills

With Corporate

Shouldering professionalism for more than 150 companies – includes MNC’s – Hospitals -Jewelleries –
Retail Show rooms.

  • Values of professionalism – uncovering the myths and practising scripting
  • Productivity Quotient – complete professional programing in working with personal productivity
  • Work – life balancing programs
Musee Pugazh in bodhi garden school

Entrepreneurship– the next step to economy-to the delegates from Denmark

Presentation on ‘Alternative System of Education-community colleges at the National consultation of community education in India – New Delhi

Knowledge Centres–an approach paper for the new educational system in India-in the presence of Dr.Venkatasubramaniam-member union planning commission–Government of India

Quality Child CARE –Paper on child care project with future expertise for US based NGO

Articles worked on

  • Value Living
  • Relationships and its secrets
  • Central values
  • Personality- in its broad spectrum


  • Diploma in Child Psychology
  •  Neuro Linguistic master practitioner
  •  Practising Hypnosis 
  • Law of attraction Master practitioner

Simulated programs

  • Simulated importation of integrated management for MBA students
  • Simulated workshop on software development & launching for Software students

Innovative concepts 

  • Thea-training – training based on street theatre basic and concept building in scripting format
  •  Classroom Management for teachers with technology and tradition
  • Complete self-analysing online program for teenagers


For Children

Creating puppet characters–creating stories–using modulated voices

  Training children in Journalism–publishing handwritten children Magazine

Children motivation through activities and games  and working for developing children-Mentally

Training children in creating their own theatre-script making-stage management & make-ups

 Designed innovative course material for pre-School Kids

Had been an instrument for conducting children Film festival in various place

  Had created100’s of activities for children- in developing- Motor– Mental – Language skills

 Career Awareness & planning program for school children

  10 levels of Personality Development program with games for the children of age group 4 – 14

Areas in Re -Search

Modernizing Indian – Tamil traditional indoor games and creating attitude building concepts for kids.

Working on documentary picturing techniques to children, Introducing Tamil in play-way method to Pre-school kids.

For Teachers

  • Had conducted 100s of Workshops for the Initiators (teachers) around the state.
  • Had trained number of teachers for training the Unreached students of Community college of India comprising of more than 12 states.

Specialised Topics

  • Creative teaching
  • Classroom Management Workshops
  • Activity Building Workshops
  • Creating Next Generation Classrooms

For Parents

Working with Parents of Children on Smart Parenting

  • Workshops on working with Kids with games and activities
  • Walking with Teenagers
  • Supporting specially the children appearing 10th and 12th

Now Authoring

  • Personality in KIDSWAY
  • Reach to teach–the other ‘Dimension of teaching’

Social walk

  • Dist. Sub-committee chair RYLA trainer– R. I .District2980
  • Had been a Pilot faculty for the District RYLA 2005 at Kumbakonam
  • Had been a Faculty at DistrictRYLA2004forWomenat Villupuram
  • Had been a Pilot Faculty for District RYLA 2003 at Rasipuram 
  • Had been a Faculty for District RYLA2002 at Hosur